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Without Measure Fellowship Meeting
Word, Mentoring, Fellowship
7pm-9pm - Mochdre Village Hall
First and Third Friday of every month.
Mochdre, Colwyn Bay, North Wales
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Upcoming Event(s)

Sword of the Lord Day Conf     Waiting in Silence                       Advance Forge Ahead
14th Oct 2017                              20th - 22nd Oct 2017                    28th Oct 2017                                                                       
Llandudno, North Wales              Eccles, Manchester, England        London, England
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Our Vision:

This ministry is aligned with Christian International Europe

(CI Europe)    www.cieurope.org

Our vision is to see the lost saved, and the Church, individually and corporately, set free, maturing and fulfilling their Divine purpose in Christ Jesus (Eph 4:11-13). To help God's people understand the times and seasons in which they are living - through the sending forth of the prophetic word, preaching and teaching and by any other ministrations (Gifts) of His Holy Spirit, as He wills.

We long to see a spiritual awakening in the nations and the church revived.

We cry out,
"Revive us oh Lord, send us forth to establish Your Kingdom and bring transformation in this Apostolic Age! Heaven come down!" "Set Your Church on Fire, Lord Jesus Christ".

We believe Jesus is about to walk through the land  - open hearts will see Him, open hearts will receive Him. 'Who so ever will....'

We minister locally and abroad, preaching at local Churches and teaching at various seminars and Christian Conferences.


Another Day Christian Prophetic Pastoral Ministry:
(Personal prayer, Inner healing, deliverance, mentoring)

There Shall Be Another Day!   Hebrews 4:8-16

God has uniquely anointed Word And Spirit International Ministries to bring healing, restoration and deliverance unto His people. This has birthed this Another Day Christian Prophetic Pastoral Ministry, setting many free from inner torments and bondage.


One-fourth of our ministry involves missions outreach. We are committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ only, to every tongue and tribe as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit in this apostolic age. The majority of our missions outreach are to economically challenged continents and countries, these include but not limited to Africa, Asia, Indonesia, South America, the Middle-East and Far East, (often referred to as the third world). However we are also active locally in Europe and North America.

As we are enabled financially, physically and led by the Holy Spirit, we are planning to visit or re-visit Zambia, Tanzania, Hungary 2016, USA 2016, Malawi, Estonia, Philipines, Egypt, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Canada. Please contact us for more information.

He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Ps 107:20

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  • Mary Carpenter Burt

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    Mary Carpenter Burt
    through whom the Lord founded and established this ministry, is an itinerant minister. American born, she resides with her British husband in North Wales, United Kingdom. Ordained and commissioned by Christian International Europe
    (CI Europe)  http://www.cieurope.org/  

    Mary operates in the Ephesians 4 five-fold governmental office of prophet; a pioneer and a forerunner with an emphasis on holiness. She is known as a woman of "character and integrity" and "without compromise". It has been said that she ministers in a "unique prophetic anointing" and is considered "a gifted revelatory teacher" and often "a minister to the minister".
    Her ministry is to share prophetic insight, bring change, challenge and expectancy to the Church - preparing the way for revival. She is not unfamiliar with revival, as she was involved in the Holy Spirit outpouring of the mid to late 1990's for several years at the church she attended not far from Brownsville, Pensacola, Florida, USA.

    Mary,('Moriah' as she is called by the Father) is an internationally respected prophetic conference/seminar speaker and teacher. She also serves in mentoring and oversight ministry (restoring apostolic foundations) and conducts training programmes for leaders and potential leaders; and holds Christian Conferences local and abroad throughout the year. Please contact us for more information of date and location or if you are interested in holding one of these conferences in your area.

    Mary Burt is also a speaker of Aglow International; Women in Leadership North Wales; operates Another Day Christian Pastoral Ministry (inner healing); and involved in missions outreach - short and long term mission trips.

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  • Joseph Burt

    Joseph Burt, beloved husband of Mary Burt, has an anointed ministry in the area of exhortation and helps, spreading the Good News, bringing peace and understanding of the Glory of God. He loves the mission field when he is able to go.

    He has an excellent command and insight of Scripture. He is an exuberant worshipper; and an 'epistle' read by all men through the demonstration of a disciplined life in Jesus.

    Joseph was born and bred in the United Kingdom and has a strong rich Christian heritage. His father, born in 1912 passed on at 102 in 2014, was a preacher for 85 years and contemporary of Smith Wigglesworth. His maternal grandparents were with the China Inland Mission founded by Hudson Taylor for many years.

  • Another Day Prophetic Pastoral Ministry

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    Prophetic Pastoral Ministry
    is a  faith based ministry, inner healing, deliverance, prayerteaching and mentoring through the Word of God (the Christian Holy Bible) and the Holy Spirit.

    This ministry may be able to help you begin to experience the "Abundant Life" of the Lord Jesus Christ in every area of your life. We endeavour to work together with you to seek out the root of ongoing struggles and/or to discover the possible solutions available for you. . 

  • Christian InternationaI Europe (CIEurope)

     Christian International is a group of ministers/ministries dedicated to helping the Body of Christ fulfill our God-given destiny and transform our world. A kingdom expanding international ministry founded by Dr. Sharon Stone in 1996. Sharon is the European apostle for Christian International Ministries pioneered by Dr. Bill Hamon of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

  • Global Christian Institute/Jubilee Intl

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    Global Christian Institute/Jubilee Church Int'l
    The mandate of GCI is to train Christians on a global scale to develop academic excellence, spiritual maturity and excellence of character within a Christ-centred community and then release them to bless and transform the world. Dr Femi Olowo is the Principal and administrator.

  • Arthur Burt

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    Arthur Burt
     was a beloved Father. Joseph Burt was blessed to have Arthur and Marjorie as parents. Joe is the third born of nine children, four boys and five girls. Arthur went to be with the Lord at
    102 years old in August 2014.

    "When the Spirit of God reveals to me that the enemy of God's Glory is my own glory, or pride or ego or whatever other title you want to call self exaltation, I realise that God becomes my adversary! God gives grace to the  humble, but resists the proud."

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 Word And Spirit Interntional Ministries
aligned with
CI Europe https://www.cieurope.org/

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