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Christian Prophetic Pastoral Ministry
By the Written Word of God - The Christian Holy Bible
and the Holy Spirit

A Faith Based Ministry

Do You Need Inner Healing ?

Are you having difficulty breaking free from . . .

(depression, grief, shame, rejection, fear, anger, worry, hopelessness, feeling fractured, mental illness or distress, suicide, grief, unforgiveness, addictions, a broken-heart, past abuse or hurts, nightmares, suffering from occult bondage or influence, night visitations, broken relationships, trauma, loss of joy in your walk with the Lord, unsure of your Salvation, feelings of unworthiness, feel hindered in your spiritual growth or struggling to connect with Father God's love towards you)?

Are you continually struggling with sickness and disease in general, or suffering with a persistent physical problem, such as: 

(asthma, headaches, backaches, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, epilepsy, PTSD, eating disorders, stomach disorders, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, DID, schizophrenia, bi-polar, parkinson's disease, ME chronic fatigue, eye disorders, or deafness, etc.)?

Another Day Christian Prophetic Pastoral Ministry is a faith based prayer ministry. We are not medical professionals and do not diagnose or treat emotional or physical diseases. However we believe, from a Christian perspective, that physical sickness and / or emotional distress is sometimes a reflection of the inward condition of our soul. We believe that physical and inner healing may sometimes be the result of applying Biblical Christian principles to our lives.

Please see DISCLAIMER below:

This prayer ministry, Another Day Christian Prophetic Pastoral Ministry MAY be able to help you begin to experience the "Abundant Life" of the Lord Jesus Christ in every area of your life as we work together with you to seek out the root of these ongoing struggles in your Christian walk and/or to discover the possible solutions available for you.

Note: We are Pro-life and do not refer individuals for abortions.

We understand Christian Prophetic Pastoral Ministry to be primarily an encounter with God as opposed to some learned technique. Jesus is the wonderful counsellor and only He can set a captive free and only He can bind up the broken hearted, and only He can make us new creations in Christ, and only He can transform a sinner into a saint. Nobody can fix your past. But you can be free from your past if you are a new creation in Christ. Because of the Gospel, it is the birth-right of every believer to be alive and free in Christ. Christian Pastoral counsellors are facilitators in the ministry of reconciliation. When one Christian sits down to help another, there are not just two people present. God is omnipresent and each person has a role and a responsibility, which the other cannot usurp and still be effective.


Brief Session Description: We endeavour to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and disciple. Our aim, in this type of ministry, is not only in seeking to discover the root of problems and symptoms so that change and healing may occur, but to also build a solid foundation, based upon the Christian Word of God, equipping the individual in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ for their continued victory and growth, even after they have ended their season of ministry with us.

Ministry sessions generally consist of discussion, teaching, instruction, life coaching, truth encounters, power encounters, prayer ministry and assigned homework. This may include, with the consent of the individual, addressing one or more of the following: repentance and renunciations; forgiveness; attitudes; adjusting wrong belief systems or mind-sets; pride; healing of painful memories; disappointments and hurts or emotional wounds; identity issues; breaking soul/spirit ties; generational bondages; Christian spiritual housecleaning; deliverance; and any other specific issues the Holy Spirit may want to deal with in this season of an individual's life. Each full session is approximately 2-3 hours in length with breaks in-between.

Sozo ministry is one type of ministry that may be used in each session. This form or style of ministry sessions involve more dialogue and listening between the individual and Father God as they are seeking to get to the root of some issues. There is a strong emphasis on the love of the Father and one's perception of that love.


Sessions are by appointment only, (preferably between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm , Tues. - Fri., evening and / or weekend sessions are considered in some cases.) Generally there is one full session the first and second week and then one every fortnight, tapering off as the individual makes progress. There are no set number of sessions; for some this may mean one month and for others an extended time of several months or longer.

Local Ministry Session Fees:
Ministry love offering per appointment. We encourage you to ask the Lord what amount He would have you to give, no more or no less. Your giving is always between you and the Lord and never between you and this ministry.

Word And Spirit International Ministries is solely supported by love offerings. We minister freely, however there are practical costs involved in the running of this ministry. We therefore ask individuals to make a donation as they are led of the Holy Spirit towards the cost of each ministry session, according to their means, due to the amount of time and energy spent on ministering one on one to individuals, in addition to the lodging donations for non-local residents.

ndividuals are taken on a case by case basis, as we cannot minister to everyone that applies, however, no one will be refused ministry because of financial reasons.

Mary Carpenter Burt is an ordained minister. She is often requested to speak at various Church meetings and other Christian groups.  She is a regular speaker of Aglow Internationalaccess to the Assoc. of Biblical Counselors, USA
. She has had training from Jim and Pat Banks - House of Healing Ministries; RTF - Restoring the Foundations; Sozo training - Bethel Sozo; Dr Harold Dewberry - Dr Harold Dewberry and Freedom Ministries International; Self Confrontation - BCF - Biblical Counseling Foundation; Freedom In Christ Ministries - FICMSozo Ministry (Bethel USA) and various other teaching and training programmes. We believe that there are 'no formulas' in ministry and no one has all the answers but Jesus Christ to our needs, so though we have been trained under various teachings and courses, the Holy Spirit is our best teacher. We only glean and apply as the Holy Spirit reveals and leads. Each individual is different, each individual is unique.


Speakers, prayer ministers, or those that attend and share at any meetings hosted by Word and Spirit International Ministries, Without Measure Fellowship Group, including Another Day Christian Prophetic Pastoral Ministry, may not be licensed medical professionals unless noted. We do not diagnose nor treat any emotional or physical diseases in that capacity. However we believe, from a Christian Faith based perspective, that physical sickness and / or emotional distress is sometimes a reflection of the inward condition of our soul. We believe that physical and inner healing may sometimes be the result of applying Biblical Christian Principles to our lives. Rev Mary Carpenter Burt is an ordained Christian minister and is not a licensed medical professional.


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Rev Mary Carpenter Burt

It is preferred for personal ministry requests, that you make your initial contact via email,
unless you do not have internet access. Thank you.



Local Telephone: 0790 552 0573 / 01492 543 112
International Telephone: +44 1492 543 112

We are located near Colwyn Bay, Conwy, N. Wales, UK.

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He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Ps 107:20

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