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Posted by Pastor William H Chalk on 10/07/2015   Email

Hi I have just learned about Arthur passing on to be with the Lord 102. May God Bless and keep you all. The Happy Church Paisley.

Posted by Pastor Mohanarao G on 05/02/2015   Email

Its great blessing to us when you are going through your webpages. May God bless you Richly in your abundantly in your work. please visit our ministry at http://www.good-shepherd-ministries.blogspot.com

Posted by Phil Fowler on 01/01/2015

I met Arthur several years ago when he was in Florida. Such a blessing!

Posted by Angela Liu on 02/11/2014

I'm so thankful to be led by Our dear Lord to have found your web page! May the Lord continue use Arthur's books and his children to woo back more souks for His glory, yes, all unto Him alone! May God bless, Angela

Posted by monique on 25/10/2014   Email

pray for me healing phusal hand

Posted by opbabu on 23/07/2014   Email

god bless you

Posted by Bill & Rita on 09/01/2014

Well well you have reached over the ton, with long life I wii satisfy him and show him My salvation.You won't remember us we were friends with Emily and bob crossly of Fleetwood.God has truly blessed you with all spiritual blessing in Christ. Bill and Rita Kirkham

Posted by Sara Hailwood on 07/01/2014

Explaining to my 27 yr old son about Arthur Burt's word and the floods today. My husband grew up in Llandudno. It would be interesting to come and visit Sure Hope and hear your thoughts currently.

Posted by Jones Moore on 12/12/2013

I am pastor Jones from Liberia.And i want thank the Lord for the great works you PEOPLE are involved in.Moreover it is my request that you please come and give hope to the hopeless children in Liberia.May the Lord bless your ministry and family.And I wish you a merryChristmas.

Posted by Stewart Beale on 08/11/2013   Email

Last time I saw Arthur we talked about Harold Kent in Tampa Florida. He visited him years ago several times. He has had cancer and was dying and Wednesday the Lord touched him. He is asking for prayer to experience more hope. Stewart Beale

Posted by thomas mokaya on 04/09/2013   Email


Posted by Sashi Sehgal on 08/04/2013

Dear Joseph and Mary, Hi, I have just been looking through your webpage and feel quite happy to have done so, what a wonderful ministry! The Lord, I believe, has given me some direction to spend a part of my summer time learning about ministries involved with missions and missionaries as part of learning about the call that is on my wife and I. I wondered if you would have any time for us to come and meet you at all over the summer? We would not want to be a burden in any way, but your ministry seems to have some dimensions that would be helpful for us to learn from you through. I do of course realise that you are busy, but if this is possible, I would be grateful. Kind regards, Sashi Sehgal

Posted by Vanessa Boman on 24/03/2013   Email

hello I am contacting you to ask when you plan to go to Burma please and do you take others with you? I can explain my request when we speak but I will pray for your trip to this country as its one on my own heart...

Posted by Bill Lavinder on 06/03/2013   Email

I have been a fan for many years. Arthur some at our church and friends homes in the past. Always been blessed and challenged. Grace to you.

Posted by Pastor Praise Bamisaye on 02/02/2013   Email

Going through your website and seeing some of what you are doing for the expansion of God is a prove that you are call and that you are intact to the ministry May God whom you are working for never forsake you You will not miss the track where he place you doors to nations shall open for you in this 2013 you will see God at work than ever before ,Word and spirit intl ministries is one the sent one, we are praying for you people, your home and ministry, am happy coming across heaven driving servant of God really you are one of the sent one to this generation keep it on, you cant satisfy people but make sure you follow every command of the master(God) we love you and we will be lifting you up in our prayers you are lifted Pastor Praise Bamisaye

Posted by Joe Denton on 16/11/2012

Nice to see your website and the photos. I have been blessed so much by Arthur's ministry. I am a missionary in Honduras.

Posted by igkumar on 05/11/2012

I pray for your ministry

Posted by keijo on 19/09/2012

Hello again after many the day ago and today let us sow good seed around us with faith and with favor of God and joy of lfe in Christ,thanks and bless,kiejo sweden

Posted by Bill & Rita Kirkham on 10/07/2012   Email

Good for you Arthur our beloved brother.So you have reached the ton. You are the most blessed brother we know. You last visited us in Blackpool with Joe a great time for the both of us. God's voice increases through obedience

Posted by Dr Felix Shikaputo on 29/01/2012   Email

Hi Mary! It was nice talking to you on phone, I thank God for the work you are doing, its my prayer that the Lord will increase you even more in these coming days, months and years. All the best and God bless!!

Posted by Dr Augustine Joseph on 26/01/2012   Email

Hope to hear from you

Posted by keijo on 19/11/2011

God is good and very big in love and in grace with Jesus blood and the HOly Spirit will be our help and quard and power that win all obstacles in life,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Posted by Antony W Wanjala on 14/11/2011

Dear Rev.Mary Hurt. Am a pastor from Eldoret,Kenya and would like you to visit our church in Eldoret for revival and crusades in Feb.2012.Please network with us.

Posted by Gill on 06/11/2011

What a blessing to know two wonderful people like you and Joe

Posted by Carolyn Black on 01/11/2011   Email

I just got home from seeing Uncle Arthur in Columbia ,SC ,what a true blessing it was to be there worshiping God tonight,may He bless you for sharing your heart with us,praying for you and your family and those who travel with you ,Until we meet again,God bless

Posted by JOHN on 30/10/2011   Email

I live in France but will be visiting North Wales in December. I would like to know where I can find your church.Thank you......John

Posted by PASTOR NOAH S.MAPESA on 19/10/2011   Email

dear sister mary burt. a great call and vision for the work of God indeed. am so humbled and impressed. we wish to pray tht you may also reach KENYA, too for the lost souls and bring a harvest to God, in unity with us? Could be glad to invite you this way if God gives you a call for this to REACH KENYA TOO.SHALOM.

Posted by David Kwadwo Ofosuhene on 04/10/2011   Email

Have you been to Ghana West Africa? Will you love to vist and organize your ministry? Be encouraged as you continue in ministry. search International Christian Cooperative Ministries on the web and also visit www.prisonministry.net/iccm God bless your efforts,

Posted by Rachel Radburn on 27/07/2011   Email

Mary so sorry to hear about Joe's accident and assuring you of the prayers of Charlie and I and the fellowship at Emmanuel. Please let us know where to direct our prayers in the next few days.Jesus. please help Joe to recover from this accident and shock. Please heal the him from his injuries, and send to him those who love him. Please restore him to a good and healthy life. Thank You, AMEN

Posted by Gerta on 24/07/2011

God bless u!

Posted by Alejandro peralta on 17/06/2011   Email

Hello. I´m Alejandro Peralta from Bogotá Colombia. Brother Arthur has blessed my life with his preachings and books. Is this the new web page? Where can I download PDF books? God bless you and thanks for be bless to us

Posted by J Douglas Russell on 13/06/2011   Email

Thank you for this opportunity to open a point of contact. I met Authur Burt in 1984. The last time I spoke with him he was in North Wales and I was in W Des Moines IA serving my last assignment with the United States Navy. That phone call occurred in 1993. If you have any info on Authur Burt's itinerary for visits in the U.S. I would appreciate your help. Also, phone number and email address would be beneficial. Please advise. Your aid in this matter appreciated.

Posted by Rev Martin Njenjere on 12/06/2011

Greetings of the season in the Glorious Name of our, lord King Messiah Jesus! It is for him, by him, and through him that we are partakers of the manifold grace of God and the fellowship of the saints in light. We are grateful that God has granted us to serve his body through preaching of his gospel. There is no greater calling and no greater responsibility than to minister the word of the life------and as we nears the return of our Lord -no greater challenge! The word of God declares that we are a" chosen Generation " 1: peter 2:9 Never has this been of greater significance than inn our day! It is ours to know the sighs of the time and the season of his coming, One Jesus' serest rebuke was to the religious leaders who could not read the "weather sighs" of a red sky. Or southern wind, but they could not discern" the sighs of the time" and consequently they failed to recognized the prophetic fulfillment of his coming. We are those who are given to not only discern the signposts of

Posted by Mary Williamson on 07/06/2011   Email

I am so happy I found your website. I met "Uncle Burt" in 1990 at one of his conventions. Your husband, Joe- came to the airport in Manchester to pick us up and take us to Pen. We stayed all the month of June 1990. Wonderful memories of chatting by the fireside with Uncle Burt in his home. I am so sorry to see Marge has passed. I loved her so much. I shall never forget the warm invitation and reception I received and I want to see Uncle Burt again. God Bless your family and all that your are doing for the body of Christ! Have a most wonderful and loving week. In Christ, Mary

Posted by Borugadda premakumari on 06/06/2011   Email

Dear In the Lord, I greet you somuch, I have been praying for you,I want to need your prayer will, Thank you somcu, sister In His service.

Posted by Browning's on 31/05/2011   Email

Kathy Walters spoke of Auther Burt years ago. Would like to have heard him minister....

Posted by jackie mcneil on 25/03/2011   Email

just found your page, when i googled arthur bert, i just got internet out here at the farm, wanted to say hello, still using the electronic bible u guys gave yrs ago, if ya get time email me, loved to love ya in Christ!

Posted by Tim Hayes on 12/01/2011   Email

Hi folks! "Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love" Tim & Christine Hayes - Canada

Posted by Francisco Diaz on 04/11/2010   Email

Dear Ptr Mary Burt, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! I am thankful to God for people such as your father (Arthur Burt) who is a living testimony of smith wigglesworth ministries. I am also a minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus and has a strong desire to plant church in our area in the Philippines.

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