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The Lord said, "Mary you are as 'A Seed Blown in the Wind".

In obedience to the call of God, Mary was sent out by the laying on of  hands, as a minister and missionary, through the church she had been attending in Louisiana, USA, New Jerusalem Praise and Worship Center (Louisiana, USA) - Senior Pastor Jerry Cocran. This church had been experiencing revival for several years, not unlike Brownsville in the mid to late nineties. She now resides in North Wales with her British husband, Joseph Burt.

Mary Burt believes that the least of the saints of God (born again believers) have power in them to shut the mouths of lions, stop armies, heal the sick and raise the dead. Her ministry is to 'share' prophetic insight and to strengthen the local church body by way of prophetic preaching, healing and deliverance.

Her strong desire and anointing to see people healed and set free for the  Glory of God, has brought people from various places in the world to receive personal prophetic prayer counseling ministry; experiencing "God encounters in areas of inner and physical healing, deliverance, the prophetic, personal renewal and restoration", mentoring, life coaching and setting many free from inner torments and bondage.

We love Missions and Preaching the Word of God everywhere, can you tell ?  :)

Below is a spattering of pictures from Zambia, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and in the UK.
We will add more when when we are able.

  Eastern Zambia, C E Africa                             Joseph and Mary Burt, Northern Tanzania
  Children who wanted their picture taken.           Born Again 'Lepers' - Mother 102 and daughter.

 So formal and oh so serious.      My Beloved husband - Joseph.

Me & Pastor Gideon Richard                    Bishop Jonathan & Mirriam Chimba
interpretor, water break.     

Us girls do like our picture taken                                  Chopsticks or pencils
what would you use them for?                    Chopsticks or pencils, what would you use them for? 
oh so pretty in Zambia!      

Dancing in the fields                        It really was funny - the Lord makes us laugh.
worshipping the Lord                        

The house the Lord built                        Good evening - the day was full of contemplation.

via Bishop Chimba         
Hurry up sweet husband Joseph           Preaching by word & demonstration in Tanzania
take the picture our necks ache
Me and Pastor Heavenlight, man of God. 
Gideon Richard a wonderful interpreter                    Aren't we a cute couple!
and friend.

            Revival Now :)                             Football anyone? Really??!

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